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ATHLETICS: a quick and simple way to simulate electron holography, Lorentz microscopy and stray-field images.


ATHLETICS (A Tremendous Holography and LorEnTz Image Creation Simulator) is a free software package that can create electron holography, Lorentz microscopy and stray-field images from the output of a micromagnetic simulation. This allows for quantitative comparison between micromagnetic simulations and experimental data, leading to a deeper understanding of the experimental images. The software is written using Igor Pro by Wavemetrics. Although Igor Pro is a commercial package, Wavemetrics offer a fully functional demo version for both Mac and Windows, so you can download it and get started right away!


The package is designed to work with output data from LLG micromagnetic simulations, saved either as .llg_dom files or as .txt files. However any configuration of magnetic moments is a possible starting point, and feel free to contact the authors and we will be happy to help modify the script to any starting input.


ATHLETICS is written by James Bryson and Richard Harrison of the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge. Please feel free to contact the authors with any questions/bug reports/feature requests, or leave a comment in the comments section.


ATHLETICS can be used for free, but please cite the following reference in any scientific publications that use ATHLETICS outputs:


Bryson JFJ, Kasama T, Dunin-Borkowski RE and Harrison RJ (2013) Ferrimagnetic/ferroelastic domain interactions in magnetite below the Verwey transition: Part II. Micromagnetic and image simulations, Phase Transitions, 86, 1, 88-102


To get started, go to the Download page.


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