A multiscale approach to paleomagnetic analysis of geological materials


Getting Started

Video Manual for FORCinel 3.0


A series of video tutorials demonstrating the features of FORCinel 3.0, providing tips on how to get the best out your FORC diagrams, can be found here. These videos will be added to over time, so check back frequently to see what’s new. If you have requests for specific tutorials, let me know!


Processing guide


A step-by-step guide to both basic and advanced processing using FORCinel was created for FORCinel version 2.0. FORCinel 3.0 has a dramatically improved and streamlined work flow for loading, pre-treating, processing and displaying FORC diagrams. Nevertheless, some of the information in the version 2.0 guide is still relevant. You can download the version 2.0 guide here (FORCinel Guide). See our version 3.0 video manual for more information on the improved features of FORCinel 3.0.


FORC intro and processing talks

Videos from the 2015 FORC Workshop are available on-line, including my own introductory talks and a step-by-step guide to FORC processing using FORCinel version 2.


A link to all the available videos can be found here.

A permanent link to my Intro Talk can be found here.

A permanent link to my Processing Walkthrough can be found here.




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