A multiscale approach to paleomagnetic analysis of geological materials


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NPM heads to #AGU17 in New Orleans

It’s time once again for the annual trip to the American Geophysical Union meeting – the largest gathering of geoscientists on the planet. This year the meeting moves to  New Orleans, and to celebrate we have a bumper crop of NPM group talks and posters, as well as several contributions involving our international collaborators. In no particular order, our contributions are listed below. They include mineralogical and paleomagnetic studies of the oldest materials on Earth, the discovery of the mechanism controlling the formation of ultra fine magnetite in sediments, a study of the response of magnetotactic bacteria to one of Earth’s most extreme past climate change events, and the most detailed analysis to date of the chemical and crystallographic architecture of iron-nickel meteorites. Click on the links to find out what we’ve been up to. Better still, come and see us in New Orleans (if we can drag the PI out of the blues clubs!).


GP23B-0924 Why do Hematite FORCs Look Weird?

GP13A-05 From the ocean to a salt marsh: towards understanding iron reduction processes with FORC-PCA

GP23B-0923 Magnetic and microstructural characterisation of FeNi: Insight into the formation and impact history of the IAB parent body

GP13A-02 A new magnetofossil approach to trace paleoenvironmental changes across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

DI33B-0417 Paleomagnetism of Hadean to Neoarchean Detrital Zircons from the Jack Hills, Western Australia

GP22A-06 In-field imaging of the ‘cloudy zone’ of the Tazewell IIICD iron-nickel meteorite using X-ray holography

GP33C-01 Isolating magnetic moments from individual grains within a magnetic assemblage

V53B-02 Revealing the sub-nanometere three-dimensional microscture of a metallic meteorite

V51G-08 Can Inclusions Survive To The Ends Of The Earth?


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