A multiscale approach to paleomagnetic analysis of geological materials


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FORC workshop videos available

2015 First Order Reversal Curve (FORC) Workshop July 23-24, 2015

A Research Symposia and Hands-On Training
on the Use of FORCs to Characterize Magnetic Materials


Last month’s FORC workshop at the University of Minnesota brought together researchers from across the whole range of magnetism disciplines, including geologists, physicists and materials scientists. A number of introductory talks, research talks and hands-on guides to getting the best out of FORC diagrams were given. Some of the presentations are now available on-line, including my overview talk explaining the FORC method from a rock magnetic perspective and my walkthrough of processing FORC data using FORCinel. The walkthrough takes you step-by-step through the new FORCinel processing guide that is available as part of the FORCinel download package.


A link to all the available videos can be found here.


A permanent link to my Intro Talk can be found here.


A permanent link to my Processing Walkthrough can be found here.


WARNING (The files are very large and may contain bad jokes…)



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